eduroam ZSJN Krnov

On the portal you will find information about connected institutions in the Czech Republic and on the portal information about eduroam in the world. SSID eduroam is broadcast on the school premises, authentication is performed using the 802.1x protocol. Instructions on how to set up a computer to work with 802.1x can be found at You need to know your username and password to successfully authenticate and access the Internet. You can get this information from your home organization - ZSJN Krnov uses the same information as for an email account.

SSID eduroam
authentication mechanism 802.1x
key management WPA2
cipher AES-CCM
authentication option MS-CHAPv2
connetivity WiFi; IPv4; FW + NAT + žádná proxy

Network traffic is filtered in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.
Network traffic is not interfered with in any way, except for blocking outgoing SMTP (tcp/25). Use SMTPS (tcp/465) or Submision (tcp/587) instead.

In case of problems, you can contact the network administrator using the email address